Tuck Shop Information


​We have a variety of healthy options available at the Tuck Shop.


All items are ordered and made fresh daily, sushi and fresh rolls which are available every day.

We use an online ordering service called School24.

School24 is a cloud-based online system through which parents can order and pay for Tuck Shop orders, using their smartphone, tablet or computer.

School24 is an easy to use, secure online ordering system for making Tuck Shop payments from any device.

School24 will accept payment using ANY credit/debit card and has a simple top up function.

Online orders will be required to be submitted by 8.45am on the day or in advance.

To register go to www.school24.net.au our College ID registration number is 2581963. If you require any assistance please contact School24 Customer Support 02 80411132.

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Whitsunday Christian College is the best performing school in academics in the Whitsundays.  


Students in senior years have an array of subjects to choose from.  We offer many subjects to cater for students’ interests and abilities.


2018 Year 11 and Year 12 Subjects