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Secondary School

The Secondary School programs build on the strong foundations laid down in the Primary School. 


The education provided in Secondary is a holistic one.  We endeavour to develop the whole person. Consequently, at Whitsunday Christian College there is a balance between focusing on academic excellence, skill development and character refinement. The wide range of programs delivered in the Secondary School allows students to discover their unique talents and further develop these.  We desire each student to leave Whitsunday Christian College with pride in their school achievements, clear future goals and a strong, reputable character.


There are two phases to our Secondary School experience: Middle that covers Year 7 to 9 and Senior that covers Year 10, 11 and 12. Each phase has a particular approach that further tailors the program to the needs of the students.

Middle Phase - Year 7 to Year 9
Senior Phase - Year 10 to Year 12

Head, Hands and Heart

Designed to meet the learning styles of our pre and early teenagers, our Middle Phase is an active learning environment that connects heads, hands and hearts. By blending academic and practical knowledge with thinking skills within a Christian values environment, our students develop competency and character through enjoyable, enhanced and engaged learning opportunities. 

Academic Rigour

Students engage in challenging relevant curriculum that includes a breadth of the main ideas from the main subject areas and in-depth study tasks. The curriculum is inclusive of preteen and teenage culture, mass media, and the everyday world that students inhabit. We use relevant and meaningful assessments that are connected to what the students are studying. Students study academic orientated subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Success for Every Student

It is a clear expectation that every student is capable of success. While success for different students may mean different goals based on ability, we believe all students need to be experiencing success as they move towards developing their God given gifts and talents. Teachers are trained to meet the differing needs of students and to provide additional learning assistance as required.

Practical Subjects

You may have heard the expression ‘using both sides of the brain’. At Whitsunday we design our programs to build neurological links to connect theory and practical experiences.  Students, we believe, learn best when they have hands on opportunities. In our Middle Phase program, they have the opportunity to participate in subjects such as: Design & Technology - Woodwork Design, Design & Technology - Home Economics, Drama, Mechanical Trades, Agriculture and Fishing.

Within a caring, supportive and quality of life atmosphere

We support our students through an enriched combination of programs. There is a strong focus on the development of leadership skills within a relational and personalised environment. We offer a unique, values-based approach to learning that aims to strengthen individuals and the whole group. Opportunities to enhance the students’ experiences range from pastoral care, outdoor education, camps, literacy and numeracy monitoring, sports and chapel program to other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities (e.g. sport, choir, band, musicals and eisteddfods).

Whitsunday Christian College’s Middle Phase not only prepares our students for the future, but celebrates this important time of their development within a quality of life environment.

Click here for 2023 Middle Phase Subject Information.

Pathways to Success

Undertaking studies in the Senior Phase of Secondary School provides students with a wonderful opportunity to maximise their effort in their final school years. The Senior Phase program at Whitsunday Christian College offers a clear balance between academic challenges and pastoral support to equip and support students towards positive pathways of success in life, work and learning.

Individual Pathways

In a time where options abound, it is important that students are offered personalised pathways that include flexible delivery methods. To best cater for the individual needs of our students, we deliver subjects in a manner that allows students to feel supported.

Delivery includes:

  • Personalised pathway tracking and encouragement

  • Potential work experience placements, traineeships and school-based apprenticeships based on students’ individual pathways

  • Access to subjects with lower teacher to student ratios via combined Year level classes

  • An assessment calendar is given out at the beginning of every term detailing the dates of all assessment tasks as well as when the draft and final copies are due

  • Mandatory draft reviews before final submission dates

  • Parent communication in the form of Weekly Summaries. Term 1 and Term 3 Progress Statements and end of Semester Reports and opportunities for Parent/Teacher meetings. Additional communication is available via email or telephone

  • Access to wireless broadband throughout the campus and provisions of a laptop free of charge

  • Leadership and service opportunities (including short term overseas practical mission work)

  • Pastoral care, including practical and emotional support

  • Focus on individual character development

  • Positive Christian perspective of purpose, hope and values for life

The College outlines the subjects it plans to provide in the subsequent school year in good faith. Ultimately the availability of subjects offered is dependent on student numbers and financial availability.

Pastoral Care

The Senior Phase places a real importance on pastoral care and individual character development. Home class teachers meet with students every morning and support, encourage and motivate students to achieve their best. Students also have the opportunity to meet with the Chaplain to discuss any personal issues that they may have. These occasions provide students care, practical and emotional support and a positive Christian perspective which gives purpose, hope and values for life. This helps to guide students through the last years of their schooling. 

Senior Trips and Camps

Excursions and camps are seen as valuable and an integral part of learning.  Students are provided with an opportunity to attend a variety of activities throughout their time in the Senior Phase.  Some of these include: Leadership camps, overseas trips and subject excursions.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students in the Senior Phase are also offered a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These activities provide students with a holistic education and help to develop resilient students.  Some of these include: sport, clubs and musicals.

Click here for more information on 2023 Year 10 Senior Phase Subject Information.

Click here for more information on 2023 Year 11 and 12 Senior Phase Subject Information.

Click here for the Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan information.

Senior Phase - Year 10 to Year 12
Middle Phase - Year 7 to Year 9
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