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Our Purpose

Mission Statement


The aim of Whitsunday Christian College is to provide Christ-centered schooling in an atmosphere of love, respect, peace and discipline which will encourage students to achieve their full potential for God.




Whitsunday Christian College exists to educate for eternity and equip for life and seeks to be a community which develops our students physically, spiritually, educationally and socially.

Vision expanded:

We desire for students to find an inner peace and wholeness with themselves, with each other, with friends, family, and staff, with God and with nature.

We live and breathe in the context of four basic kinds of relationship - our relationship with God our Creator, and in the light of that our sense of self, our relationship with our fellow human beings, the people he has created and our relationship with the physical world that he has created. 

When the Lord Jesus was asked what was the most important thing in life, His answer was surprising but very clear: love God, love others, love self. He quoted God’s word and sharpened people focus on the importance of relationships.

Our relationships were designed by God to be holy and just, loving and caring, and to be personally enjoyed. The biblical word ‘shalom’ summarises this type of relationship. Thinking of ‘shalom’ as just meaning peace provides a limited understanding of the biblical idea. Shalom could better be described as complete harmony, or the absence of any discord.

Through a relationship with God, made possible by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus we can experience ‘shalom’ and so know an inner peace and the quality of relationships that God first intended.

Our part in building and restoring relationships occurs as we:

  • provide quality independent schooling within a Christian atmosphere of love, respect, peace and discipline.

  • partner with parents / carers. We believe we are co-workers in the task of equipping children for a life marked by love, faith, hope, truth and grace. The hallmark of our relationships is a commitment to respect one another: treating each other as they would wish to be treated.

  • establish positive teacher - student working relationships.

  • value student ability and personal effort. This will involve valuing each individual as a person made in the image of God with special gifts and talents and the college is a means to identify and develop the talents.

  • recognised and honoured Leadership in college activities. Appointed leaders are expected to model Christ like behaviours and all significant appointments are determined by the Board or their delegate. 

  • build a community where there are shared values and the common good is just as important as individual achievement.


Key shared values include:

  • learning to forgive others and demonstrate God’s love to people and situations.

  • supporting students, parents and staff to rebuild relationships that have been broken.

  • cooperating and giving one’s best is more desirable than comparing oneself to others.

  • not tolerating bullying or harassment and dealing with these matters with a view to restoration.

  • Caring for one another, communicating with gentleness and respect, truthfully yet sensitively.

  • Seeking to serve one another; an expression of this would be high degree of voluntary involvement.

  • embracing truth: fact, reality, certainty, accuracy, genuineness, precision, legitimacy, honesty, integrity, dedication, loyalty, devotion, fidelity, uprightness, and sincerity by listening with a willingness to understand. 

  • embracing grace: kindness, decency, favour, mercy, charity, love, elegance, inward beauty, charisma, humility, forbearance, patience, self- control, altruism, and compassion by listening with a willingness to understand. 

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