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Christian Education

Our K-12 Learning Journey is designed to cater for young children through to adult

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Prep - Year 2

Foundation Phase

Acquiring successful learning habits and foundations in literacy and numeracy. Exploring and making connections between acquired knowledge and real-life experiences. Fostering positive character traits and the social and emotional skills for a smooth transition into new learning areas.

Year 3 - Year 6

Junior Phase

Mastering the essentials and developing a deeper understanding of key concepts and how to apply them. Expanding valuable skills in both self-discipline and working as part of a team in a safe learning environment.

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Year 7- Year 9

Middle Phase

Refining abilities and challenging individuals to put their skills, knowledge and beliefs into practice. Encouraging godly character and an awareness of the responsibilities that come with opportunities.

Year 10 - Year 12

Senior Phase

Commiting to and promoting a positive transition into adulthood – filled with hope, adventure and excellence. Achieving the qualifications and confidence to succeed professionally and instilling values of compassion and justice to bring the light of Jesus into communities.

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