Statement of Faith

1. God: There is one true eternal creator God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. Creation: God created all things, making man and woman in His own image and for relationship with Him.

3. Sin: Sin entered into the worlds through human disobedience following the rebellion of Satan against God.

4. Christ: The Son, Christ Jesus, was born of a virgin and lived as a sinless man.  Out of the abundance of God's love the Father gave His only Son, Jesus          Christ, to die to save all people from sin.  Christ rose from the grave defeating the power of sin.

5. Salvation: The death and resurrection of Christ brings salvation by grace through faith to those who repent, seek forgiveness, and believe in Him.

6. Spirit: The Holy Spirit, following Jesus' return to His Father in heaven, lives within those who have salvation as a comforter and guide;                                        guaranteeing their eternal hope.

7. Life: Those who trust in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour are called to live as a transformed life and as such we have the responsibility to:

​a. Encourage other Christians through meeting together for worship and fellowship;

b. Uphold moral directives and ethical values contained in the Bible as expressed within context of their personal life, their marriage life (the                      covenantal relationship of one man and one woman), and their relationship with others;

c. Share the good news to all the world;

d. Be active in expressing God's love through social justice.

8. Eternity: Jesus is the only way to a relationship with God.  Those who have received salvation have eternal life as joint heirs with Christ.  Those who do not      believe in Christ are separated from God for eternity.

9. Return and New Creation: Christ will return as Lord to the earth and everyone will see him.  There will be a new heaven and a new earth.


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